Free SEO software!?

It’s hard to believe I know, but Console Rocket is free, not a free trial… it’s just free.

Console Rocket is built on top of Linkdex’s enterprise SEO tech stack, so you know its reliable, and It’s fully featured, never crippled by ads or limitations or locked features. You can use our tools for up to 3 projects (domains), each of which allows up to 6 sub-domains.

What’s the catch then?

This is a free version of a tool that normally lives within the Linkdex SEO Enterprise Platform, made available for general use outside of that platform. We hope that by providing you with some valuable tools, so we can introduce you to the Linkdex world and the rest of our products. However; There are no requirements to buy anything at all.

What we will do

Because we’re giving you a huge amount of value for no cost, we hope we’ve earned the right to send you the occasional email to invite you to talk a look at our other great (paid for) tools.

What we won’t do

We promise not to spam you constantly, or to cripple the app with annoying adverts. If you don’t want to hear about the Linkdex SEO platform simply unsubscribe from the (non-system) emails.

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