In this section, we stitch together the keyword and page data from your Search Console and use data science to develop keyword-page relationships.

The Keyword-to-Page section filters and re-configures your data into an incredibly useful format which allows you to examine your best and worst keywords and how your pages perform.

This kind of data science takes some time for us to process on a large scale and can sometimes take 3-5 days for web properties with a large number of pages and keywords.

Other top features in this section include:

  • Generate an impact report chart which is filterable to dates.
  • Tables with enriched data fully filterable and sortable.
  • Auto-tagging of keywords to brand or non-brand categories for analysis. Particularly useful with CTR Models
  • Assign Keywords to the page(s) Google shows for them.
  • Identify keywords which Google has shown more than one page for, helping to detect keyword cannibalisation issues:
  • We show known page issues relating to the pages that keywords are mapped to, allowing you to fix the top issues relating to page performance as you see fit.
  • Give you a drill down ability when you click the “view” button to really dig into the keywords or pages in more detail. Learn more about Keyword Drilldown here