A Project in Console Rocket is an area where you can manage one or more of your web properties.

The data displayed in a project is independent of the data in other projects. In Console Rocket, you can have up to three projects. Each project can have up to 6 web properties mapped to it, giving you a potential total of 18 Search Console sites in Console Rocket. If you require more than this for commercial reasons, please get in touch with the team at Linkdex, where you can have an unlimited number of projects.


To start with, you might set up your projects with one Google Search Console site mapped to each project. Even if you might have subdomains relating to shop, blog and www, it’s recommended that you continue to view these subdomains separately until you are comfortable enough with the data.

Depending on how you setup your projects, you can view aggregate data for domains relating to one web property in a project. This is not strictly recommended for SEO beginners as interpreting aggregated data for pages and keywords across multiple domains and subdomains can be quite complicated unless you understand how to filter, interpret and manipulate this type of data set.