A web property is a point of presence on the web which represents a company or person.

In Console Rocket, we refer to web properties in terms of domains and/or subdomains which you can integrate into your account.

In Google Search Console, each subdomain is treated as it’s own web property, so if you owned the domain mydomain.com with the subdomains www.mydomain.com, blog.mydomain.com and shop.mydomain.com, you would have to create a separate Search Console account for each of these. This is to ensure that your data can be segmented and analysed with ease and clarity.

In Console Rocket, we also treat these subdomains as individual web properties, however we acknowledge that oftentimes, you may want to see the data for multiple subdomains aggregated into a single view, so you can add up to 6 web properties to one project to be shown in the UI. You can learn more about projects here.